Psalm 19

“The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever.”

[What we do out of our great reverence for you will be pure and positive, as well as lasting forever. To do things because we love God and know that obedience to Him will protect us from harm is good, very good.

To obey Truth because we love you is something that will have significance for all eternity. Even if it is a tiny, one second act (rejecting grumbling and instead offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving; or rejecting self-pity and instead thinking truth), it has eternal consequences.

Every decision is potentially a glory-giving, grace-displaying, goodness-granting opportunity–even if it’s internal and no one else knows about it but God.

It is a possibility in which we can fulfill the purpose for which we were created: to bring honor to Him. This perspective can change our motives from desiring to do what is natural, to bringing glory to God by revealing Him to those around us through our actions and reactions.

May be an image of flower