Heavenly Wisdom Part 6

Heavenly Wisdom Part 6

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Heavenly wisdom is full of mercy and good fruit. This is its fifth quality.  On a human level it is so natural for leaders to hang on to control, to say no, to micro manage, to please and exalt self.  Heavenly wisdom, on the other hand, looks for ways to say yes, to be kind, to help others be successful, even if it costs me.

Heavenly wisdom if full of goodness, bearing the four fruits of the Word: the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22,23), the fruit lips giving praise to God (Heb 13:15), the fruit of good works (Titus 3:14 KJV) and the fruit of souls won to Christ (Prov. 11:30).  Whichever fruit is needed, the one with heavenly wisdom will bring it out.

It is a pleasure to be around one with such wisdom. Knowing that he or she is merciful and full of good fruit, it is easy to accept direction, correction or confrontation, for these are done in grace, mercy and kindness.

I must ask myself periodically, “Am I full of mercy? Am I as merciful with others as I’d like them to be with me?  And what kind of fruit am I giving to others? In their relationship with me do they find love, joy and peace, patience kindness and goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

I pray that God will constantly work in me so these aspects of heavenly wisdom will flow continually from me to others.

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