Heavenly Wisdom Part 4

Heavenly Wisdom Part 4

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The next, the third quality of heavenly wisdom listed in James 3:17 is “considerate.”  This means thinking of others, of how my actions impact them. But the Greek word used here has even more “oomph” to it than “considerate.” It can also be translated as “being sweetly reasonable.”  That goes beyond just thinking of others to proactively bringing a warm, positive and equipping attitude into the situation.

How often has the Holy Spirit  had to ask me, “Are you being sweetly reasonable here?” And my response is usually, “Well, no, I’m not!” I’m often considerate in action, but not in spirit; and that can be felt by those around me.

However, when the sweetness of the Spirit is fueling my interactions, everything rises to a new level. I can reject my natural inclination to say “no” and look at things objectively. Instead of manipulating things to get my way, I can seek ways to empower others, rejecting my secret competitive, jealous thoughts. Because I know the God who is sweetly reasonable with me, I can be sweetly reasonable with others, bringing light and grace in where naturally I would bring grayness and grief.

That term “sweetly reasonable” is a wonderful way to measure our attitude and interactions with others. How are you doing with being sweetly reasonable in life?

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