Meditations on Psalm 19 Part 2

Meditations on Psalm 19 Part 2

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Psa 19:7  “The law of the LORD is perfect,” [you make no error, Lord, what you revealed is exactly right, perfectly stated, totally trustable.]
“reviving the soul.” [To learn your law, to obey your ordinances brings life, refreshment, growth and strength to our souls, our minds, our wills our emotions. They are brought more in line with what you originally intended—just a taste of that, but none-the-less, a touch of eternal reality. Praise you for putting it within our grasp within your Word.]

“The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy,” [They are absolutely right, true, correct and therefore we can rest in them. Even if men take some out of context and twist them to their own purposes, that does not negate the genuine wisdom stored up in them for those who handle the Word of God correctly.]
 “making wise the simple.” [We are all simple in comparison with you, Lord. Who can understand the power that holds together the protons in the nucleus of an atom? Who can know the paths of the stars? Who can know what is right in every situation? Only you, Lord God, and you graciously share much of that wisdom with us in your Word. Praise you for your generosity!]

Psa 19:8  “The precepts of the LORD are right,” [You make the lines clear: this is right, that is wrong. I praise you that you do it more in principles than particulars, presenting us with the power to know what is right in various situations. ] “giving joy to the heart.” [Knowing brings security. Knowing the boundaries and keeping them brings joy. Joy is one of the gifts you have for us, one of the pleasures you desire us to have in growing amounts. John 15:11 “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” It is there for the taking, we just need to take your Word seriously.]

“The commands of the LORD are radiant,” [Your Word shines like the noon day sun, showing us the way, what is right and wrong, where to step and what to avoid] 
“giving light to the eyes.” [with your Word I know what to do: do not lie; do not steal; do not commit adultery; be faithful; be kind; forgive; love by obeying Truth; find your delight in God; do what is best; pray all the time.  There is no question about many things. And where it is not so clear and simple, you wholeheartedly give wisdom.]

Psa 19:9  “The fear of the LORD is pure,” [To obey you takes us in the direction of genuine holiness, away from the pollution of our flesh, the world and the devil. To fear God, not man, to obey You, to reject fear of man, this leads to purity.]
 “enduring forever.” [And what we do out of fear of you will last forever. To obey Truth because we love you, even if it is a tiny, one second act, is something that will have significance for all eternity. It is a glory-giving, grace-displaying, goodness-giving opportunity, fulfilling the purpose for which we were created, to bring honor to you.]

“The ordinances of the LORD are sure” [There is no doubt, no shakiness, no uncertainty  in your Word. What You command and reveal is absolutely sure and correct. We can count on it. ] 
“and altogether righteous.” [There is no sin, no wrong motive, no dark side, no hidden evil, no selfishness, no imbalance in your ordinances, Lord. They are purely, positively, powerfully right. We can always be confident in it.]

Psa 19:10  “They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold;” [They last forever, they are perfect, they cannot perish, their value is immeasurable, they are vast beyond conception. Much greater in value than gold—and much easier to transport from one situation to another.]
 “they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.” [They bring the sweetness of life, the nectar of joy, the taste of heaven, the joy of life.]

Psa 19:11 “By them is your servant warned;” [To not pay attention is dangerous. They reveal danger, show the way around evil and protect us from our own wrong desires. It is up to us to obey, we must pay attention to what you reveal.]
 “in keeping them there is great reward.” [Not just preservation from danger and disaster, but immense rewards come from obeying your commands, Lord. Rewards both now and forever (peace, joy, strength, wisdom, grace, love, positive relationships, fulfilling significance and purpose, security today and for eternity, continual growth and many others, an ongoing stream of your goodness being poured out on your children who truly love you with all their heart and strength and mind and soul.]

May we wholeheartedly, consistently, confidently, humbly exalt and obey your Word in every area, every situation, every thought of our lives so that we may constantly give you an ongoing flow of glory and honor, Lord.

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