One Worry War Won

One Worry War Won

I lay there in the dark, my mind racing from one problem to the next.  Worry, fear and frustration ruled.  I turned on the light: it was 2:30 am.  Knowing this was a spiritual attack, I reached for my Bible and opened to Psalm 34. I refreshed my memory of it, then turned out the light, settled back in bed and began to meditate through it.

I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise shall continually be in my mouth. “Lord, I praise you for this situation, for the fear, worry and frustration I am experiencing as I think about these dozen difficult dilemmas before me.  I can praise you because you are the Ruler of the Universe, you are the King of Glory, you are the Most High and the Almighty One.  In praise you turn my attention from my problems to you.  I am weak, but you are powerful; I am ignorant but you are wise. You can and will deal with each of these situations at the right time and I can both rest in you and praise you now for how you will do it!”

I sought the Lord, he heard me and delivered me from all my fears. “Praise be to you, Lord, that you are the fear-Conqueror.  Praise you because you go to the core of the issue first, dealing with fear, teaching me what I need to know before you solve the problem!  Again I praise you for how you are going to work in each of these situations!”

Then I began to lay each problem out before Him, praying for the needs, praising Him for how He would deal with them.  And then, as my mind and spirit were calmed by His truths, sleep came: deep, restful, restorative sleep.  He had delivered me from my fears!  And in prayer I had joined Him in His plan to deal with these things.

Living for Jesus is not a neat, comfortable venture. It is full of difficulties, spiritual attacks and challenges. And this is where we get to respond in faith, to see God fulfill His promises and to give Him great glory.  If everything went smoothly we would not see our need of Him.

God calls us to a of life of praise.  He does not call us to cope, but to be more than conquerors.  His desire is that we choose the truth that joy does not come from our circumstances, but from the character of God. Then it is through praise for His wonderful character that the victories come.