Psalm 18:25-27

Psalm 18:25-27

Praise be to you, my Lord God, for your personal approach to people. You, being the wise and understanding One, know exactly what each individual needs for communication, revelation and realization to open up so you may pour goodness into their lives.    As your Word says, the measure with which we give is the measure with which we receive:

Psa 18:25, 26  “To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, to the pure you show yourself pure,” [As we walk with you, Lord Jesus, you develop faithfulness, blamelessness and purity.  And as we cooperate with you in this process of transformation by spending time with you, obeying what we know to be right, denying self and following you, willfully wanting to be faithful, blameless and pure, you reveal more and more of your marvelous qualities to us , giving us greater ground for surrender, worship and wonder–which brings further transformation. A gracious cycle of your goodness being poured out more and more on those who are willing to join you in what you are doing.]
“but to the crooked you show yourself shrewd.” [On the negative side, you interact with rebels in a way that is meaningful to them. Jacob was crooked in his dealings, manipulating and using people all through his life.  And he brought on himself the same treatment.  Your shrewdness in dealing with him led him, in the end, to surrender before you.  You know how to work with people, you are never at a loss, never confused, never without wisdom. Praise be to you for your patience, persistence and perception in the process of wooing every single person in the world (John 16:8-11). How you must grieve at those who stubbornly refuse to bow their neck and knee to Truth, to Wisdom, to Reality, and instead rush headlong down the slope of self will away from goodness, forgiveness, grace and light. In the end they go over the edge of time, falling into the pit of separation and desperation, sealed off from all good, getting what they wanted all along: full independence from you. Praise you, Lord, that you go to all the trouble to give them every opportunity to embrace Truth, even though you know they will not accept it.  You are far more than fair, you are absolute goodness and grace.]

Psa 18:27  “You save the humble” [This is your requirement for salvation: humility, seeing ourselves as you see us in our depravity.  As we stand before you, the Mighty and Eternal One, the Star-breather, the Galaxy-maker, the History-ender, the Pure and Powerful One, what can we do but see our sinfulness, our unworthiness, our puniness, the immense contrast of our shriveled, rebellious hearts with the stunning beauty of your Holiness. To you we must bow, and somehow you work with our will to bring the desire and the decision to surrender, to reject the illusion of independence for the reality of total dependence on you–the One who holds together the nucleus of every atom in the universe—how dependent we are on you without knowing it!

Praise be to you for working in the heart of each one you know will bow, to bring the wise pressure that will lead to the break-through, the understanding, the desire to know you, to live for you, to walk in the light, to bring you glory.  What a high calling, what a privileged position, what an existence of ongoing, ever growing joy.  You give us the exact opposite of what we deserve, at great cost to yourself and at great profit to us, your thankless enemies.  You are a marvel, a mystery: majestic and mighty in your provision of rich, unending agape love. We must bow before you and shout, “Glory!”

You, O Lord God, my Father in Heaven, my Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit who indwells, bring me low today where I need it. Do this so that I may walk in your humility, bringing you greater glory, deeper devotion, wider wonder and higher honor. To you be whole-hearted worship, full-orbed obedience, expanding exaltation and powerful praise in my life today.  May all the good you give spill over onto those around me so they may see more of your glory; may I be invisible and you be the focus of our growing awe, deepening love and expanding obedience. Amen.