Psalm 18:32

Psalm 18:32

Psa 18:32  “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.” [It is not my wisdom, my effort, my talent or training, my resources—it is you alone, Lord God, the Mighty and Wise One who pours strength into my life, who goes before and prepares the situation, relationships and me for the way to be perfect according to you. Right now there are a number of uncertainties before us, all of which I could worry about. But to reject worry, to trust you in praise for your help before any appears, to think truth, to find my rest in you–these fulfill the purpose you have given me in life: to give you glory in all and before all.

It is wonderful to rest in your hands, Lord, to know that you are working things out, that as we join you by prayer, your inexorable power will bring to pass what is best, will carry us through no matter what the difficulty. Your grace is sufficient for whatever you allow or send.

I praise you, Lord Jesus, that you are always with us, watching over us, protecting us. I praise you for the certainty of your goodness being poured out upon us every day in the midst of whatever circumstances we may find ourselves, pleasant or painful.  I give you praise, honor and glory for being the Good Shepherd, wielding your rod against the enemy, using your crook, your staff, to guide, discipline and help us. We will zig and zag through life, but you will constantly give us the tap we need to come back to your way.

As I think of my friends who at present are not responding well to the challenges of life, I praise you now, Lord for how you are working in their lives. I praise you, too, for the weakness I have in not being able to straighten them out, as well as for the certainty that you are helping them and will use your power for them.  I rest in you, praise you now and thank you for the way you will use their sin to make them grow and bring glory to yourself.

You who have out of your glorious riches, prepared more than we need for strength and grace, power and wisdom, guidance and protection, you are worthy of worship and obedience, love and honor. Whether I see it or not, sense them or not, you are pouring your help and power into my life and I will praise you now for your goodness and graciousness before I can see any of them.]