Psalm 33:20-22

Psalm 33:20-22

Psa 33:20  “We wait in hope for the LORD;”

[This is a decision. Instead of trying to save ourselves in our slight strength and weak wisdom, we must wait for you, Lord. Sometimes we wait for a long time, but you are faithful and will act at the right time, just as you did with Joseph, keeping him in prison until he had learned all that was necessary. Then you brought him out, ready for the great work you had prepared for him. In you there is hope, a certainty of provision at the right time, of love moved by wisdom and power to bring about what is best.]

“he is our help and our shield.”

[Your mighty, majestic power moves in lavish love to support us in our weakness. You pour upon us grace, wisdom, insight, peace, joy and rest.  Out of your superb strength you move to protect us from the attacks of the enemy, from all that would harm us spiritually. You hold your hand of power over us to ward off evil and evil men. You only are our true help and shield.]

Psa 33:21  “In him our hearts rejoice, “

[You alone are the source of our joy, Lord Jesus. All that is good comes from you, from your gracious heart and hand. To know you, to live with you, to be your child, to serve in your power, this is far more than enough for rejoicing no matter what our circumstances may be.]

“for we trust in his holy name.”

[Yes, our joy flows because you make it possible for us to trust in you. You have opened the way so we can know your Name in all its power and purity, its love and light, its faithfulness and forgiveness. You are worthy of trust and submission and obedience.]

Psa 33:22  May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD,”

[Praise you that your love never fails, that your faithfulness never ends, that your grace flows forever. Praise you for your promise that your love will rest upon us, not only now, today, in the moment of need, but forever!]

“even as we put our hope in you.”

[Again you remind us that this is a partnership: you provide all, then you wait for our participation. May our daily decision to hope in you be ever evidenced by the persistent present of praise in our hearts, minds, souls and mouths.

To you be glory forever and ever, Lord Jesus, King of Glory, Lord of lords, Shepherd of power and love. I bow before you in awe and respect, I rise up in submission and obedience to you, your Word, your Spirit, your Truth. Glorify yourself in my life today.