Psalm 58 meditations

Psalm 58 meditations

Psalm 58:9 “O my Strength,” [You, O God, are the Mighty One; my strength is so small, so miniscule, so inadequate. Only in you is there the possibility of being strong in might, wisdom and eternal power. So I come to you in prayer, in trust, in obedience that you may be exalted before all I meet today.]

“I watch for you;” [This is an active, positive, worshipful watching to see what you will do, to be ready to give you glory in God sightings so that I and others may give you increasing glory and trust you more.]

“you, O God, are my fortress,” [Only you can adequately protect me from my powerful enemies, whether they be human or demonic or myself. Your power is far more than adequate; mine is totally inadequate, so I take refuge in you through praise, through waiting, through offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving, through intercession. You alone, O God, are my fortress.]

“my loving God.” [You, O Heavenly Father, have made yourself my God by creating me, by buying me back, by choosing me, by calling me, by cleansing/transforming me, by adopting me, by commissioning me, by delighting in my, by rejoicing over me in song. You are loving, gracious, fully committed to the goodness of your children. Your desire is to graciously share your love and goodness with the undeserving, making your enemies your family members.]

You are so gracious, O Triune God, so good, so great in your heart of love. We must bow before such undeserved grace and kindness, lifting up your Name, your Character, your Greatness. You are worthy of worship and wonder, of obedience and service. To you be glory in all I do and think today, Lord God; may your Spirit and your hope splash over on all who meet me today. Amen.