Results of Intentionally Nurturing My First Love for Jesus

Results of Intentionally Nurturing My First Love for Jesus

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I wrote earlier about nurturing our first love for Jesus.  As I’ve worked at this, some results of basking in His love have become apparent. First, there has been a strengthening of my inner being, a solidifying of my emotional state.  Things that used to shake me up or disturb me now have much less effect.  This reminds me of the verse “I cried to the Lord and He strengthened me with strength in my soul.” (Psalm 138:3 KJV)

Second, fear of man is lessening.  It is amazing how many of my decisions have to do with fear of man.  For instance in dressing, I naturally think of whether others would approve or disapprove of my clothes instead of thinking what would honor God and open the way for more witness.  Now others’ possible thoughts have less power as I see more of the pristine, powerful, perfect character of Jesus.

Third, things of this world are fading more into the background.  As I face negative possibilities, it has become easier to ask God to do what is best rather than beg Him for what I want. It is better to surrender the situation to Him, for He knows the best course to take.  It may mean that the decisions will not go the way I want because God has a plan to bring about some greater good.  When delays and problems come up, I can praise Him for what He is going to do in this. His glory, wisdom and goodness shine far more brightly in my understanding, making the negatives of this world pale in comparison.

This upward trajectory will probably continue as I persist in nurturing my first love for Jesus, intentionally gazing on Him, praising Him, worshiping Him in my quiet time. I hope this will be true for you, too, as you intentionally nurture your first love for Him.