Thankfulness For God's Good Care

Thankfulness For God's Good Care

Thank you, Lord God, for your provision of a good night’s sleep.  I praise you for your powerful working in us on the very practical levels—you care for us wonderfully, persistently, lovingly, graciously.  It is especially warming to think of your loving care when we see it in contrast to what we deserve. I give you honor and glory for your powerful, persistent, perfect agape Love.

Thank you, too, Heavenly Father, for what lies before us today: partially planned on our part but in fact unknown to us, while it is fully planned and totally known by you.

What an amazing thought: you have gone through the day of each one of your children, billions of them, preparing in detail, planning individualized lessons, guidance, protection, chastening, blessing and provision for each one.  And you do the same for the elect, as well as similarly pouring out your goodness and attention on those whom you know will never believe.

“…your Father in heaven….causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”  Matt. 5:45

You are truly the God of Grace, the God of Greatness, the God of Goodness. Such care, such compassion, such cherishing, such comprehensive love—it is found in no one else.

To you belongs all glory and honor, all praise and applause, all worship and exaltation, all obedience and reverence, all fear and love.  We fall to our knees in wonder, we bow down in awe, we rise up to give you honor in belief and obedience.   May you be exalted in our lives today.