The Best Five Things You Can Do in Leading Yourself Well

The Best Five Things You Can Do in Leading Yourself Well


First, for your spirit:

Regular, personal, God-focused daily worship in your QT  (2 Cor 3:18)

Worship by giving Him glory for who He is without focusing on how that benefits me.

Use a Psalm to focus on His character.

This is spending time in the light of His presence.

This brings transformation of your whole being.

Second, for your soul:

Meditate on the Word (Psalm 1:1-3)

This means memorizing passages of Scripture, the personalizing and praying them

This brings transformation of your mind, will and emotions

Third, for your general well-being:

Praise in and for all things (Psalm 34:1,2, 1 Thes. 5:18)

Focus on the greatness, goodness, grace and glory of God.

Let Truth rule, not emotions.

Grow in faith by praising God especially for things we don’t like.

Fourth, for the health of your body:

Drink more water –2 liters a day is a good goal.  (1 Cor 6:19,20)

Since I started doing this, I’ve not had a serious cold in years and years.

Maintaining your body’s healthy water level:

Keeps airways lubricated: protects from invasion of germs.

Washes germs that enter our mouths into the stomach where they die.

Keeps our blood is thinner, which means:

It flows better, less chance for clots

more oxygen to the brain (can think better)

more oxygen to cells, (function better)

more food to cells, more waste from them.

Makes our kidneys work better

Prevents constipation

Keeps the whole body better balanced.

Fifth, for the benefit of those around you:

Whenever possible, pray with and for each person you talk with.

It is good for the other person,

pointing them towards God,

bringing His power into their lives

demonstrating your love for them.

And good for you.

Keeps you aware of your dependence on Him.

Keeps you humble and open to His leading.

Keeps us joining God in what He’s doing rather than expecting Him to join us!