Things To Teach Our Children Part 4

Things To Teach Our Children Part 4

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The Greatness of God

I leaned down and looked more closely at the little face peeking up at me. The bright yellow of the daffodil invited me to touch it; the petals had a silky smooth texture, cool and pleasant to feel.

I straightened up, marveling at how much beauty the Lord shares with us in the flowers He has created. He could have made them plain, without color, all the same, in black and white, but He chose to make a wide variety of shapes, and sizes, scents and colors.  The beauty around us shows the greatness of God.

As we cultivate our awareness of God by observing His creation, we should be sharing this with our children, giving them a sense of wonder at God’s great wisdom, creativity, power and love.

Take time to examine flowers with them.

Go out at night and look up at the skies, tell them about the number of stars in our galaxy (billions), about the Milky Way’s diameter (100,000 light years), how important the moon is to life on earth, how God wisely placed it there to give regulation to the tides which work to keep the oceans clean. And how it protects us from meteors.

Tell them how God set the earth at just the right distance from the sun, tilted its axis just enough to make the seasons, spun it at the right speed giving us the needed time for rest at night and gave it the right pace to circle the sun in year of the needed length. This is all evidence of the greatness of God.

Always be nurturing your own understanding of God’s greatness, intentionally learning more of the wise and precise preparation God made for life on earth. Recently I read that there are over 50 specific conditions in the  universe that have to be exactly, precisely, minutely right for the earth to support carbon-based life. For example, if the force of gravity were shifted a tiny percentage, the earth and sun could not exist as they are. The percent? .00000000000000000000000000000000000001%!  After the period there are 37 zeros there! I don’t even know how to read that number!  But God set gravity at exactly the right balance so we could exist. He is a God of precision, of greatness!

Such learning and marveling  is an application of Psalm 19’s admonition to survey the works of God and hear what He’s saying to us.

Truly, as we see more and more of the wonder of His creation, we can have a growing grasp of the greatness of His being, His power, His wisdom, His creativity, His goodness.   We can then be sharing this with our children all the time, building up within them the grasp of the greatness of God.