Thoughts of Thanks, Psalm 50:23

Thoughts of Thanks, Psalm 50:23

It is good to know that you, Lord God, have the wisdom, oversight and insight, the understanding and the power to orchestrate our days. And that because of your love, you will help us, protect us, guide us.

To know you is marvelous, a great privilege, a powerful, pleasant grace. Thank you so much, Lord God, for providing salvation, for giving us sonship, a place in your family, meaning and purpose in life, a part in your great plan, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the wonder of your continual presence, significance and security, love and grace, goodness and greatness. All this flows from you, all comes from you. We give you honor and praise, we exalt you, we love you. Help me to live in such a way as to give you the credit, the worship, the praise you deserve. And I praise you now for how you will help me.

Psa 50:22  ‘Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces, with none to rescue:’

[You are such a gracious God, giving those who reject you another chance, another warning and another reminder of what will happen to those who refuse to enter the shelter of your love. You hate sin, but love and offer salvation to sinners. You are so patient, so gracious, so kind, so persistent. You are worthy of all love and honor and obedience.]

Psa 50:23  ‘He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me,’

[these offerings were voluntary, given whole heartedly, focusing on the goodness of God and the grace He bestows. So we need to do the same, giving thanks voluntarily, with all our hearts in the midst of things we don’t like as well as the things that work out as desired. To so live by faith is your desire, Lord. You give us enough evidence daily to trust you more and more, and here is how we can live it out.]

‘and he prepares the way’

[that is, the one who gives the sacrifice of thanks, opens the door for God to work; here is again the partnership you constantly call us to, Lord. You prepare all, then wait for us to respond. You are so wonderfully loving to include us in each step of the process, when you could do it so much better and more quickly on your own. Yet, you bestow honor, dignity and purpose on us by having us partner with you in your plans for life.]

‘so that I may show him the salvation of God.’ ”

[And here is your part, that as we open the door with thanksgiving, you will show us your salvation, coming in to do what is right and good and positive.]

You, Lord, are the One to be exalted for your goodness, your love, your persistence, your patience, your wisdom, your kindness and your grace—all constantly poured out upon us when we don’t deserve it in the least. Praise be to you, Lord, for how you are going to lead us on to ever higher ground with you. Praise you for your wonderful goodness. May you be honored, pleased and glad in my life today. Help me to live in such a way that your salvation may constantly f low into my life, bringing honor and glory to you. Amen