Which way to go?

Which way to go?

More from Psalm 19  “The commands of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes.”

[Your Word shines like the noon day sun, showing us the way, illuminating what is right and wrong, falling with power on our path so we can know what could cause us to stumble, where to step and what to reject]

We can know what to avoid: do not lie; do not steal; do not commit adultery. And what to do: be faithful; be kind; forgive; love by obeying Truth; find your delight in God; do what is best; pray all the time.

There is no question about many things. And where it is not so clear and simple, you give principles and wholeheartedly give wisdom to discern and live in integrity.

Help us to walk in your light today, seeing and circumventing the traps that the world, the flesh and the devil have set for us. May we, by living in the light of your Word, be more than conquerors with you.]

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