My Weakness Highlights Your Perfection

My Weakness Highlights Your Perfection

I thank you, Lord, that I can praise you in every situation, especially when I am weak, unable to accomplish things in my own strength.  Thank you for my weakness, my need to wait on you, my inability to bring about what I desire—seeing people come to know you, having CPs go well, having disciples take all the advice they need, having my book sell well.  You, Lord God, are the One who is in control, who is trustable, who is loving, who is powerful.

In my weakness your power can be put on display, can be exalted and made perfect. Thank you for the role you give us of being a foil to your greatness, for being able to highlight truth.  You are the Creator, we are the creatures, you are powerful, we are poor, you are loving, we need love, you are the meaning of life, we crave purpose, you are pure, we are polluted, you are gracious, we are greedy, you are majestic, we are miniscule, you are mighty, we are miserable, you are wise, we are weak, you are awesome, we are awful, you are totally other, we are all the same.  And in spite of what we are, you love us, you desire a relationship with us, you care for us deeply, whole-heartedly, fully, eternally.

“I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;” (Psalm 9:1a) You, O Lord God are Triune, Triumphant, Tremendous,  worthy of praise. As you have loved me, cleansed me, transformed me, adopted me, delighted in me, how can I but respond with love, with praise, with admiration, thankfulness and whole-hearted rejoicing in you. You are my Lord, my King, my Shepherd, my Rock, and I rejoice in the great privilege of knowing you.  You are worthy of praise no matter what comes into my life.  I will praise you now and for eternity!
“I will tell of all your wonders.” (Psalm 9:1b) Great and many are your wonders, beginning with your character: you are Love, Light and Life; in you there is Purity, Perfection, and Power, Greatness, Grace and Goodness, Righteousness, Justice and Mercy, Riches, Rightness and Reigning.

You are Immortal, Invisible and Invincible, you are Mighty, Magnificent and Marvelous, you are God, Lord,and Sovereign, you are without beginning, with out end and without time.

You are a wonder, and we have not even come to your works: your speaking all into existence, holding all together, holding back the tide of evil, providing salvation for all your enemies, suffering disappointment, pain and grief every day as you shepherd your professed children who willfully disobey, disbelieve and disrupt. You wait patiently for the right time to move, you act from pure motives,  always do the right thing in the right way.  You weave all together into your plan to bring history to a conclusion, to eliminate evil and to usher your children into an eternity of light, love and life.  You alone are worthy of praise!  I bow before you in awe, I offer you worship in joy, I rise up before you to obey.