Worship Journal

Worship Journal

Rejoicing in the morning

I praise you, Lord, that when I awoke this morning, you were there, watching, protecting, waiting. I praise you that in you is all we need, for you have created us to “dock” with you. Without you we are unplugged, adrift, lost and harmful to the environment.  With you we are in place, empowered, employed and enjoyed.

You, Lord God, are the Master Planner, the Mighty Architect, the Magnificent Creator and the Majestic Concluder of all. You are wonderful, wise, willful and One. In you there is harmony, wholeness, holiness and happiness. With you there is potential, power, protection and provision. In you we can trust, tremble, and triumph. In you, with you and from you comes all that we will ever need.

You are majestic, marvelous, beautiful and greatly to be praised.  I exalt your Name, I magnify your Character, I rejoice in your Goodness and honor your Greatness. You are worthy of all worship:  whole-hearted, unified, total-commitment praise, honor and obedience.

May this be true in my life today, Triune Lord God, Ruling Heavenly Father, Commanding King Jesus, Guiding Holy Spirit. May you be lifted up before all around me, may you be exalted in my motives, attitudes, words, actions and interactions today. Amen.



A Prayer for the Day

I praise you today, Lord Jesus, for you are the perfect and powerful One. You are my Shepherd, intimately interested and involved in my life. You know the smallest thought before it is formed in my mind, you know my motives, you know all that I will do today.

You also know all that will come to pass and I can praise you now for what you will allow into my life, difficult or painful as these events may be. You are trustable and what you bring will be used for good. I can rest in your perfect character, your wise love, your incredible power, all aimed at helping me move through this day in wisdom, grace and praise.

May you be honored, exalted and pleased in my obedience in action and reaction. May your name be lifted up in my life today before men, angels and demons, for your are worthy.

Praise is the Power to Please God 1

The purpose for our existence is to worship the Lord God, the Creator of Heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them. These are grand and glorious words, but realistically how do we do this?

I believe the most practical and prolific way to exalt our God is by giving praise and thanks in and for all things. Praise is the power to please God. As He Himself says, “…give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1Thes. 5:18)

There are dozens of opportunities each day to praise and thank God in the events that tumble into our lives. Some happenings are pleasant, some are not but we can praise and thank Him for each one, knowing that He, the all powerful One, has allowed it for good. Each event is the opportunity to give Him glory before men and angels as we willfully obey Him in praise.

Praise is largely practiced in faith, trusting God’s marvelous character and wonderful Word rather than our own sight or understanding. For instance, we recently bought a machine to use here on the farm, but found that it’s motor has a serious problem. Each step taken to correct this has proven fruitless. Can I praise God for this? Absolutely! He has allowed it and through these problems is doing good things in us: teaching us to take up His grace, to be patient in His power, to trust and submit to Him, to demonstrate to those around us how to live in His grace. Truly, praise is the power to please God.

Purpose in Life

A new day, a new week, a new opportunity to live for you, Lord Jesus, my God and King. Praise you that the purpose you have given us in life is not dependent on our success or failure, on other people’s opinions of us, on our feelings or perceptions, or on our circumstances. Independently of all this, in every instance, at every moment we can trust and praise you, Lord God, and thereby bring you glory and honor—this is the purpose of our lives, to worship you, the Creator of all, the Sustainer of all, the Ender of all—for you are worthy.

You are the One who breathed the stars into existence, who gathered a handful, that is billions of them into the Milky Way, who arranged our solar system in one little corner, who hung the earth on nothing, who set its rotation, axis and orbit at the optimum levels, at just the right distance from the sun. You spoke into existence the fish and fowl, the beasts and beauty of the earth. You fashioned from earth man and from man, woman.

You, O Lord God, are immensely powerful, unwaveringly faithful and wonderfully wise. As you created and now sustain all in your wisdom and love, so you have worked wonderfully in our sin-warped lives. You created a way of salvation which was much harder for you than speaking the stars into space. You became the man, Jesus of Nazareth, you suffered the unjust attacks of humans, demons and the devil, you became sin for us, you endured the rending of the Trinity, you were crushed under the just wrath of the Father against sin,. And you took  it all with patience, trust and love.

You then rose up to defeat the devil and death, to open the door to life and light,  inviting all to come through it into the Kingdom of Truth, Purity and Love.  Those of your sinful human beings who come are transformed as they pass through the doorway of your sacrifice.

–They enter as enemies, they exit as your children.

–They enter as exiles from heaven, they exit as qualified by you to be partakers of the inheritance of the Saints in the Kingdom of Light.

–They enter as grotesque rebels, they exit clothed in the beautiful righteousness of Christ.

–They enter as weak in flesh and dead in spirit, they exit with a born again life, indwelt and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

–They enter as aliens, they exit as those in whom the Lord delights.

These truths never alter; these privileges are given for eternity, sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit as the first portion of the inheritance of the children of God. You Lord, are the One to be worshiped, praised, adored and obeyed forever. May that be true in my life today.

Basking More in the Love of Jesus

Praise you for what you have for us this morning, Lord, probably different from what I expect, but better by far than what I could plan!

I praise you that you are the God whose love draws us to your heart and prompts us to love you back. Praise you that we can bask in your love, remembering how we totally deserve the opposite, but you wanted us, chose us, called us, predestinated all so we could come, cleansed and transformed us, claimed us–your enemies–as your children, bringing us into your family because it was your good pleasure to do so. Praise you that you cherish us, love us dearly, care for us deeply, dote on us continually, delight in us fully—just the opposite of what we deserve.

You are pleased when we come to you, you think on us constantly, you watch over the details of our lives, carefully allowing us decisions within the circle of responsibility you have drawn for each of us.  Then you powerfully and wisely determine what will come to us from the vast areas of events beyond our control.

You, O God, are the King who has taken us from being condemned criminals, dangerous foes and corrupted, twisted creatures and have made us beautiful in your grace, embracing us wholeheartedly, pleased to have us in your Kingdom, in your Church, in your Family.

Praise you that you saved us because you delighted in us and now delight in us. Thank you that when I come to you, you are always pleased, happy and enthused to see me because you have made me your dearly beloved son. Thank you for the security, the stability, the joy and the sense of significance you give me through your powerful and rich love, ever flowing, ever accepting, always there. Praise you that you are Love itself and will never stop loving us no matter what.

Psa 47:8  “God reigns over the nations;” [You, Elohim, created all, rule over all, guide and control all; there is no one who can thwart your plans and purposes. You are the eternal, almighty King!]

“he is greatly exalted.” [You, Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are exalted, lifted on high, praised, honored and worshiped, for you are the Great King, the Most High, the Eternal God, the Triune One. May glory and honor be to you in my day, in my life, in my words and actions that people will see you, be directed to you, stand in awe of you. May praise be the keynote of my life, may you be pleased as I praise you in all. Amen.]

Abounding Beauty in Jesus

A clear, sunny  morning today after a good bit of rain yesterday.  I praise you, Lord for the beauty of your creation with the raindrops glistening on the grass, a slight fog over the pond and the first rays of the dawn just touching the hill, highlighting the dips and rises with gold.

You, O God, are a glorious God, a lovely God, a majestic God who loves beauty and shares it with us. Even in this broken, twisted world there is so much loveliness and Spring is one of the most beautiful times. The early flowers are out, the fields are greening, the birds are back, flitting about. The fruit trees are beginning to bloom and some leaves are peeking out, a bit hesitant to come out all the way what with the cool days and cold evenings. These are all harbingers of the greater blooming of beauty to come.

It is wonderful to know you, Lord Jesus, the Creator of all this, the One who in the midst of sin and upside-downness have preserved such abundant beauty and loveliness.

I praise you, Heavenly Father, for the perfect plan you have for bringing beauty back to our souls as you transform those who respond to your call. You are able to place within us a new heart and equip us with the presence and power of your Holy Spirit so we can begin to live in the Kingdom, freed from the control of our old nature, in which there dwells no good thing.

I praise you, Lord, for the great turn around, the mighty victory you implement in each person who believes in you from the heart. I give you glory, honor and praise, I proclaim your goodness, power and wisdom, I lift up your name, exalt your Word and bow in obedience before you. What a privilege to know you, to be called to your side, to walk with you, invited to join into your plan for today, to be offered a significant part in it.

I give you glory and praise, Lord Jesus, for wanting to bring your enemies into your family as brothers and sisters. To you belongs all worship and praise, all exaltation and honor, for there is no one like you, no one who comes even near to you in brilliant perfection, immense power and positive purpose.

I love you, Lord Jesus, I respond to your love and grace poured out upon me wonderfully by submitting myself to your leadership, making you my Captain and Navigator.  May you be lifted up and glorified in my motives, attitudes, thoughts, words and actions today, for you are worthy of all honor and awe and obedience.  Amen.

Worship, Adoration, Obedience

Praise be to you, Lord, for a new day, a clear sky, the promise of warmth and beauty. I praise you, Lord God, my Heavenly Father, Jesus my Shepherd , my indwelling Holy Spirit, that all beauty flows from you, that all of today is in your hand.  We can trust you a thousand percent, for in your character, in your core, in all your being there is only goodness, wisdom, purity, perfection and positive power. You have no evil, no darkness, no dark side, no selfishness, no sin, no negatives, no unrighteousness.

You are the absolutely trustable One, ever watching to protect, guide, correct and keep your beloved children on the right track. I thank you, Lord, for your constant presence, your consistent protection, your unending attention, your unlimited power.

You are the One to be loved, to be obeyed, to be exalted, to be praised. You are worthy of continual worship, adoration and obedience. May these things be present in my life today so that your name may be lifted up before men and angels, before demons and the devil. Amen.


Today is in Your Hands, Lord

Praise you, for what will come today, Lord, for you are my powerful Shepherd, standing outside time, making sure all goes according to your loving wisdom and plan. I thank you for how you will work things out for today. Help me to be wise in using the time and energy you have given.

I praise you, Lord, that I can bring everything to you, that you are never shocked, never surprised, never condemning of me, always open to my coming, in fact pleased when I come, happy to see me, eager to interact. Thank you for being such a wonderful heavenly Father, full of love and grace, forgiveness and acceptance. I praise you, Lord, for what  will come today under your guidance and provision, for what we will be able to accomplish as well as not accomplish, what you will work out, for you are good and gracious, powerful and positive in all. I give you honor and praise now.

I can trust you in today, for you, Lord God, are glorious in your goodness, wondrous in your wisdom, magnificent in your majesty and sparkling in Your supreme beauty: wrapped in light, pure in person, exalted in excellence. In you there is no fault, no twistedness, no darkness.  You, Lord Jesus, deserve all worship, all exaltation, all adoration, all praise. We bow down before you in worship and wonder; we rise up to love you in obedience today, for you are worthy.

Easter Thoughts

Jesus had been looking forward to the first Easter morning, this day we are celebrating, for a long time. He was looking forward to it in Isaiah’s time, 700 years before He was born. And in David’s time, 1000 years before. And in Moses time, 1400 years before. And in Abraham’s time, 1800 years before. In fact, Jesus had been looking forward to this morning since before the foundations of the world were laid, before any person had been created.

As God, Jesus knew that people would sin, how the creation would be twisted, how there would be the need for a Savior. And He was willing to be that Savior.   He was willing to suffer in many ways so that we might be rescued from the kingdom of darkness and brought into the Kingdom of light.  Let’s remind ourselves of some of the ways Jesus led Himself through suffering to redeem us.

Jesus as God was present everywhere in the universe all the time, but he was willing to be confined to a body.

He who lived outside of time was willing to be limited  to the present minute.

He who lived in pure and beautiful perfection of Heaven was willing to live in a world with lice and fleas, where people rarely bathed, smelled bad and were hungry, sick and many demon possessed.

He who is sinless and righteous was willing to live amongst rebellious, evil, godless and destructive people—people naturally just like me and you.

He who had the power to speak stars into existence and the right to judge all creation perfectly, was willing to submit himself to the attacks of unjust, selfish and cruel men.

He who was holy, was willing to become sin and be crushed under the wrath of God to pay the debt for all his enemies.

He who was without fault was willing to put himself under the curse of Adam.

And most powerfully and painfully, He who had enjoyed the perfect fellowship and community of the Trinity, was willing to have that relationship ripped apart.  When Jesus cried out “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” the sinless Father and Holy Spirit had turned away from the Son who had become sin.  Jesus was left completely and utterly alone.

This tearing of the fabric of the Trinity was, I believe, the most painful part of all the suffering that Christ endured. Since God is love Himself, this relationship of love among the Trinity was the essence of His being, and the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were all willing to have that destroyed for a time to save their enemies.

Jesus had not been looking forward to suffering this immense, immeasurable, excruciating pain. However, He faced it with determination, courage and love, thinking of how it would glorify the Father, redeem mankind and bring an end to evil.

He who was life itself was willing suffer death, to die as a man, to be killed cruelly so the price of redemption could be paid and the resurrection occur.

He who created the beauty and peace of heaven was willing, after he died, to descend to the lower parts of the earth, perhaps into Hell where all is fire and fear and futility. He descended there to fight and defeat the devil and death in order that the universe might be renewed and all his enemies who are willing would be swept into the Family of God.

That is why Jesus was looking forward to this morning, for it marked the beginning of the great reversal of the great rebellion.  It marked the start of the indwelling of every believer by the Holy Spirit. It marked the beginning of the church, of the revelation of the Mystery of the indwelling Christ.  It marked the beginning of every child of God being able to walk in the power of the Spirit so we can live a godly life that brings joy to the heart of God. It marked the possibility of the end of slavery to sin and the beginning of freedom to live in Truth.

Jesus was looking forward to this morning  of His resurrection because it was the most powerful pivotal point of all history.  It should also be the most important pivotal point for us every day as we remind ourselves of the gospel: that is,

–We only deserved hell, but He has given us heaven.

–We only deserved condemnation, but He has given us forgiveness.

–We only deserved death, but He has given us eternal life.


Let us profit from this pivatol point of Easter to live in the light of truth, basking daily in the love of Jesus, choosing to respond in our love for Him by obedience.

Let’s live in a way so that Jesus looks forward to each morning when He can spend the whole day with us, where we walk in the light of His presence, living in a way that brings pleasure to His heart.

And how do we do that? Primarily by praising Him in and for everything that comes to us. Praise is the power to please God. May He look forward to each morning with you.

The Contrast: God's Charater and Mine

I praise you this morning, Lord, for your steadiness in the face of my floundering. I am up and down, both diligent and lazy, productive and useless, strong and weak, spiritual and selfish, kind and harsh, disciplined and rebellious.

I give you praise that you are so unlike me, that every day you are the same in your character, your heart, your plans, your love.  Each morning when I awake, my emotions are jumbled, my thoughts are full, my impressions from yesterday are varied, but you are the steadily the same, ever the same: gracious, great, glorious and unyieldingly, unwavering, unbelievably good.

Being thankful for this is not enough: you are Someone to be ecstatic about, the One to be celebrated, rejoiced in, exalted and worshiped. To turn our inner eyes away from self, the world and all that is in it to You is to go from darkness to light, from weakness to strength, from groveling on the streets of life, to walking with the King of creation.  You are such a contrast from the weak and temporary things we have here.  You are the Creator and Sustainer of all, the Preparer of a new heaven and earth, the Ender of history and the Essence of eternity.

In you is endless beauty, unfathomable love, unsearchable wisdom, inscrutable holiness and unending goodness. In you we can rest in security, in you we can live in light, in you we can know Truth, in you we can be abundantly accepted, lavishly loved, completely cherished and deeply delighted in.

I can praise you now for what will come today, Lord Jesus, for you have prepared it all, will guide in all, will provide in all. I can rest in the richness of your character, be at peace in the provision of your grace, bask in the light of your love and rejoice in the certainty of your presence.  You have given me all joy and peace in yourself. What more could I need? Nothing! You are far more than sufficient and I rest in, rejoice in, respond in the wonder of being your undeserving but beloved child.