Basking More in the Love of Jesus

Basking More in the Love of Jesus

Praise you for what you have for us this morning, Lord, probably different from what I expect, but better by far than what I could plan!

I praise you that you are the God whose love draws us to your heart and prompts us to love you back. Praise you that we can bask in your love, remembering how we totally deserve the opposite, but you wanted us, chose us, called us, predestinated all so we could come, cleansed and transformed us, claimed us–your enemies–as your children, bringing us into your family because it was your good pleasure to do so. Praise you that you cherish us, love us dearly, care for us deeply, dote on us continually, delight in us fully—just the opposite of what we deserve.

You are pleased when we come to you, you think on us constantly, you watch over the details of our lives, carefully allowing us decisions within the circle of responsibility you have drawn for each of us.  Then you powerfully and wisely determine what will come to us from the vast areas of events beyond our control.

You, O God, are the King who has taken us from being condemned criminals, dangerous foes and corrupted, twisted creatures and have made us beautiful in your grace, embracing us wholeheartedly, pleased to have us in your Kingdom, in your Church, in your Family.

Praise you that you saved us because you delighted in us and now delight in us. Thank you that when I come to you, you are always pleased, happy and enthused to see me because you have made me your dearly beloved son. Thank you for the security, the stability, the joy and the sense of significance you give me through your powerful and rich love, ever flowing, ever accepting, always there. Praise you that you are Love itself and will never stop loving us no matter what.

Psa 47:8  “God reigns over the nations;” [You, Elohim, created all, rule over all, guide and control all; there is no one who can thwart your plans and purposes. You are the eternal, almighty King!]

“he is greatly exalted.” [You, Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are exalted, lifted on high, praised, honored and worshiped, for you are the Great King, the Most High, the Eternal God, the Triune One. May glory and honor be to you in my day, in my life, in my words and actions that people will see you, be directed to you, stand in awe of you. May praise be the keynote of my life, may you be pleased as I praise you in all. Amen.]