God Brings the Victory

God Brings the Victory

Thank you, Lord, for your gracious provision of a good night’s sleep. Thank you that you watch over us, protect us, provide for us. I thank you, too, for the disappointments in life, for the negatives and the difficulties that remind us of our dependency on you, remind us that without you we perish.

I praise you, Lord God, for your good and wonderful protection in driving (like keeping me from backing into the guy at the post office), and in working. You are the God of grace and goodness, watching over your children at each step, giving us ideas and insights for each thing before us. I praise you for how you will help us at each juncture.   To you, Lord, goes all credit for things going well.

Psa 44:3  “It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory;”

[Although you required the Israelites to prepare, strap on their swords and fight, this was not what brought them victory. It was your power, your work, your planning. We need to  see your work behind the scenes, Lord, to remember that it is not our efforts that bring the actual long range results but your power.]

“it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face, for you loved them.”

[Yes, it was you, it was your power, your intervention that brought victory. They were called to obey and then you acted. Praise you for that all hangs on you, Lord, that it is with you and by you that we can act. I give you glory for your good and powerful working in our lives as well as in the Israelites.]

Psa 44:4  “You are my King and my God,”

[how wonderful that is, Lord, that we belong to you, that we are your children, that you are my King and my God, personal, present, powerful and perfect. In you there is no fault, no lack, no weakness, no fear. You are the ultimate One, the eternal One, the infinite One, worthy of worship, praise, love and obedience.]

“who decrees victories for Jacob.”

[You decide, it happens. All depends on you, Lord, and we praise you for what you are doing in our lives. We praise you for our weakness and for your power, for our ignorance and your knowledge, for our foolishness and your wisdom, for our smallness and your greatness. To embrace what we are and to embrace who you are brings freedom, direction, power and victory in life.

Help me  to live in constant connection with you, Lord, to be alert to your leading, responsive to your conviction, mindful of your Word and obedient to your Truth. Praise you for what you will do in my life today.