Abounding Beauty in Jesus

Abounding Beauty in Jesus

A clear, sunny  morning today after a good bit of rain yesterday.  I praise you, Lord for the beauty of your creation with the raindrops glistening on the grass, a slight fog over the pond and the first rays of the dawn just touching the hill, highlighting the dips and rises with gold.

You, O God, are a glorious God, a lovely God, a majestic God who loves beauty and shares it with us. Even in this broken, twisted world there is so much loveliness and Spring is one of the most beautiful times. The early flowers are out, the fields are greening, the birds are back, flitting about. The fruit trees are beginning to bloom and some leaves are peeking out, a bit hesitant to come out all the way what with the cool days and cold evenings. These are all harbingers of the greater blooming of beauty to come.

It is wonderful to know you, Lord Jesus, the Creator of all this, the One who in the midst of sin and upside-downness have preserved such abundant beauty and loveliness.

I praise you, Heavenly Father, for the perfect plan you have for bringing beauty back to our souls as you transform those who respond to your call. You are able to place within us a new heart and equip us with the presence and power of your Holy Spirit so we can begin to live in the Kingdom, freed from the control of our old nature, in which there dwells no good thing.

I praise you, Lord, for the great turn around, the mighty victory you implement in each person who believes in you from the heart. I give you glory, honor and praise, I proclaim your goodness, power and wisdom, I lift up your name, exalt your Word and bow in obedience before you. What a privilege to know you, to be called to your side, to walk with you, invited to join into your plan for today, to be offered a significant part in it.

I give you glory and praise, Lord Jesus, for wanting to bring your enemies into your family as brothers and sisters. To you belongs all worship and praise, all exaltation and honor, for there is no one like you, no one who comes even near to you in brilliant perfection, immense power and positive purpose.

I love you, Lord Jesus, I respond to your love and grace poured out upon me wonderfully by submitting myself to your leadership, making you my Captain and Navigator.  May you be lifted up and glorified in my motives, attitudes, thoughts, words and actions today, for you are worthy of all honor and awe and obedience.  Amen.