The Contrast: God's Charater and Mine

The Contrast: God's Charater and Mine

I praise you this morning, Lord, for your steadiness in the face of my floundering. I am up and down, both diligent and lazy, productive and useless, strong and weak, spiritual and selfish, kind and harsh, disciplined and rebellious.

I give you praise that you are so unlike me, that every day you are the same in your character, your heart, your plans, your love.  Each morning when I awake, my emotions are jumbled, my thoughts are full, my impressions from yesterday are varied, but you are the steadily the same, ever the same: gracious, great, glorious and unyieldingly, unwavering, unbelievably good.

Being thankful for this is not enough: you are Someone to be ecstatic about, the One to be celebrated, rejoiced in, exalted and worshiped. To turn our inner eyes away from self, the world and all that is in it to You is to go from darkness to light, from weakness to strength, from groveling on the streets of life, to walking with the King of creation.  You are such a contrast from the weak and temporary things we have here.  You are the Creator and Sustainer of all, the Preparer of a new heaven and earth, the Ender of history and the Essence of eternity.

In you is endless beauty, unfathomable love, unsearchable wisdom, inscrutable holiness and unending goodness. In you we can rest in security, in you we can live in light, in you we can know Truth, in you we can be abundantly accepted, lavishly loved, completely cherished and deeply delighted in.

I can praise you now for what will come today, Lord Jesus, for you have prepared it all, will guide in all, will provide in all. I can rest in the richness of your character, be at peace in the provision of your grace, bask in the light of your love and rejoice in the certainty of your presence.  You have given me all joy and peace in yourself. What more could I need? Nothing! You are far more than sufficient and I rest in, rejoice in, respond in the wonder of being your undeserving but beloved child.