Stability For Today

Stability For Today

Praise you, Lord, for your gracious and kind hand at work in my life. I give you glory for your rock solid goodness, your whole-hearted holiness, your deep, continual steadiness. You do not vacillate the way I do, you do not sin and suffer remorse, you do not stray off the path of righteousness and need correction as I do.

I praise you for your immutability, your perfection, your flawlessness. In you there is surety, in you there is certainty, in you there is eternal, unshifting, beautiful purity. You are the One, the only One, upon whom I can lean, for you will neverĀ  change and will never let me down.

You are the great and gracious One, ever active in my life, correcting, directing, protecting, empowering. When I stray, you are there to prick, convict and correct, bringing me back to the Path of peace and the Rock of rest.

It is so comforting, so encouraging, so gracing to live in your powerful presence, your lavish love, your awesome acceptance and your righteous rule. I look out over the sketch of today, just a few bare points of possibility visible to me, but at the same time you, Lord, see every detail of what will happen in full color, every dimension, total outcome. Therefore I can rest in the fact that for you there are no surprises, you can guide me through every twist and turn, every problem and possibility. You prepare me, bringing to mind what should be done, what I should remember and what I should avoid. Praise you, Lord, for your complete love, your competent preparation, your consistent protection, your continual presence.

To you belongs glory, honor, praise and obedience for you are perfect in personality, complete in character, marvelous in ministry, powerful in performance and illogical in love, giving us the opposite of what we deserve.

I praise you, bask in your love, revel in your goodness, rejoice in your patience, celebrate your acceptance and rest in your forgiveness. Today I bow before you in awe, surrendering whole-heartedly, to rise up in obedience and go forth in joy, all because of your infinite greatness. To you be glory today in all I do and say, think and feel, desire and do. Amen.