Hope in God Alone Psalm 43 Part 4

Hope in God Alone Psalm 43 Part 4

Praise you, Lord God, that in the midst of failure, trouble and sorrow, we can look to you, our great Rock, our Refuge, our Redeemer and speak Truth to ourselves:

Psa 43:5  “Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me?”

[I must take my eyes off my troubles and raise them to you, Lord, the ultimate Reality. Who can be greater than you, thwarting your plans?  What can come without your permission? What can occur where you don’t give more grace than is needed? What can threaten us where you don’t give wisdom in dealing with it. You, Lord, are our sufficiency, you are all we need in every happening.]

“Put your hope in God,”

[This is the key: hope in nothing else! All here on earth can and will faill: people, resources, strength, wisdom and self. But you, O Mighty King, Creator and Ruler of everything, you never fail, you always triumph, you carry through, you protect, expose, empower, engrace. In you there is true hope, for you will do what is best, right, good and glorious.]

“for I will yet praise him,”

[This is a certainty. Now no matter what we face, you will act, help, carry us through and we will be able to praise you for what you will do.]

“my Savior and my God.”

[For you have made yourself my Savior, and my God, I belong to you and you will care for me! You will use me in your plan and Kingdom. I can be secure in the certainty of a future with you, the King of Glory, the Ruler of the Universe, the Shepherd of Time, the Ender of History, the Beginner of Eternity. To you be all honor and glory today. Amen.]