Psalm 91:4b

Psalm 91:4b

“Your faithfulness will be my shield and my rampart….”   Psalm 91:4b

Today, Lord Jesus, I walk in amazement under the canopy of your love, knowing that you look at me, not with tolerance, or thinly disguised disgust because of my stubborn selfish responses, but you see me clothed in your righteousness! You look on me with delight, with joy, with pleasure, glad to have me as your child, as your brother, in your family, in your Kingdom.

You call me to meet with you each day as you stoop low to gather me to your heart, enjoying our interacton. I praise you that, contrary to all logic, you revel in our relationship, you delight in doing good to me, you rejoice in being my rampart, you savor shielding me from harm. And all this when I deserve the opposite: there is no earthly reason for your love; no, only heavenly reasons.

I praise you, O Elohim, that in your power and faithfulness you consistently shield my head in the battle of each day, you always stand as the rampart between me and the attack of the enemy; I can rest in you.

You are the Most High, the All-knowing, the All-present One, so you are never caught off guard, are never late, are never out-witted by the enemy. Your defenses are impregnable, your presence is unassailable, your plans are impenetrable: the enemy can never get by you without your permission; you are always the Victor in the end!

You, Lord Jesus, are a wonder, a marvel, majestically awesome, massively powerful. Your great compassion has sowed in me the seed of love for you, the seed of submission, the seed of adoration for you. As I gaze on you in worship with unveiled face, you are moving me towards living those sublime words: “Whom have I in heaven but you, and earth has nothing I desire besides you” (Ps. 73:25).

I adore you, I lift high your name, I revel in you, I exalt you. I offer you praise, glory and worship, O Great and High King, Lord of Glory, Ruler of the Universe, Judge of all, Redeemer of all sinners, Concluder of all history. You only are fully Patient and Profound, Gracious and Good, Pure and Perfect. You only are worthy of worship!


Prayer: “To you, Lord Jesus be joy, power, authority, victory and honor today, now and forever. Guide me in giving you glory this day. Amen.”