“Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice!”
Psalm 105:3
These are commands, giving us opportunities to choose between obedience in praise, or rebellion in complaining. And we can obey in praise, not because of our situations, our strength of will or our freedom of choice, but because of who YOU are, Lord Jesus:
the God of Glory,
the King of kindness,
Potentate of power,
Lord of Love,
Ruler of Righteousness,
Paragon of Perfection,
Judge of Justice,
Light of life,
Wonder of the world
and Savior of sinners, especially of all those who believe.
You are the Focus of eternity, the Fulfiller of prophecy, the Finisher of time, the Final Solution to sin and evil.
In you all comes together, all holds together, all works together. In spite of its twisted and cursed condition, the universe continues to operate as you hold the stars in their places, the planets in their orbits, the atoms in their makeup, the details of our lives in line, the timing of events in sequence and the tide of evil in check.
You are the One to rejoice in, the One to glory in, the One to rest in. What a privilege, what a possibility, what a power, to be able to choose to praise you in and for all, to glorify you, thank you and revel in you at all times.
You, Lord Jesus, are truly worthy of worship, of glory, of honor. We exalt you today by choosing to prolifically praise you, to seek your strength to seek you in persistent prayer, to practice your presence in our thoughts and attitudes, to honor you in our words and work.
Prayer: “May you be richly, powerfully, visibly exalted in my life today as I choose to live for your glory by praising you in all. Amen.”
May be an image of goose and nature