More on being freeee!
Now being in Jesus, I can run free in the path of goodness, my feet unbound, my legs strengthened by your Spirit, my eyes opened by the light of your Word, my soul ready to soar.
You are setting me free from the anxiety and fear expressed in my hot anger when things around me are out of my control, when I get lost on a trip, when people fail to follow through, when I feel like a fool.
You are setting me free with the knowledge that in you I am secure, that you are my Shepherd, you are my King, that you are taking me to and through whatever you know is best. In you I am significant and can rest in this, no matter how I may act, feel or fail.
You are setting me free from the fear of man, cutting the emotional ties to what others think or value or want. You have established a new connection from your heart to mine.
You have given me the knowledge of your presence and a desire to obey you rather than my twisted self-centered doubts and the desires of those around me.
You are setting me free from impatience, helping me to grasp that your plans are unfolding at the right pace; your time table cannot be thwarted; things will come to pass at the optimum time.
You are setting me free from being tied to what I can see. You have opened my eyes to the eternal, to the supernatural, to the working of your hand in all around me. God sightings come often, which allow me to see your love which is beyond knowledge.
Lord help me to use this freedom today to honor you, exalt you and join you in the plans you have for me and the people around me.

Picture: free in the dsys of our youth

May be an image of one or more people, people standing, outdoors and tree