More of Heavenly Wisdom
Dodge turned towards Cody and suddenly shouted, “Look out!” Big John had come to and had his bowie knife draw ready to throw it at Cody.
Cody’s gun came up faster than the eye could follow, and with a bang the knife went flying and John was again holding his hand. Everyone gave a sigh of relief.
The Captain spoke to his soldiers, “Take him and secure him.
We will take him in for attempted murder and arson!”
Then he turned to Cody, “Why didn’t you shoot to kill him?
You could have done it twice!”
“Because of the fifth aspect of Heavenly Wisdom: mercy,” replied Cody. “He may have deserved to die, especially as he was ready to kill me with his knife, but I followed the law of the Lord: ‘do good to those who attack you,’ and ‘Do good to those who persecute you.’ Remembering that my enemy is actually
Satan, not Big John, I allowed him to live.”
Both the Captain and Dodge shook their heads. “I’ve never heard or seen anything like that,” said Amy, “it’s so different from everything we’ve experienced out here.”
“Just read the New Testament and you will gain the same perspective,” said Cody. “You do have one, don’t you, Mr. Dodge?”
“Yes, but I’m not much of a reading man,” Dodge replied.
“You don’t need to be,”replied Cody. :It takes only 6 or 7 minutes to read a chapter in the New Testament. Start in the gospel of Matthew and read one chapter a day and in 9 months you’ll have read the whole thing. Then you can start over. I’ve read through it fifteen times in the last ten years. Anyone can do it if you put a mind to it!”
“Well, I’ll give it a try,” said Dodge.
“Me, too,” added Amy. “I’d like to learn more about this”
As Cody and Amy walked with the Captain over towards the encampment, the Captain said, “I’ve never seen anything like it. Normally it always ends in a range war with a lot of good men and bad men killed. But you spared everyone!”
“It wasn’t me,” said Cody, “It was the wisdom of God. When we follow His way, which often means denying ourselves, things can work out a lot better. No guarantee, because some folks, like Big John, are dead set on taking out those who oppose them.
“But for people like Mr. Dodge, the Heavenly Wisdom approach brings good results. Having the right motive, knowing who the real enemy is, speaking in a peace-loving way, being sweetly reasonable and being approachable and properly submissive to good ideas will do wonders.
“Then the next four qualities need to be used: being full of mercy and good fruit, being impartial and sincere.”
“You certainly do have a lot of that down by heart,” said Amy.
Cody nodded, “If I want to think like God, I have to have his thoughts in my mind and heart. I’ve got lots of time in the saddle to memorize, just taking a bit each day.
“Most people say they don’t have time for such activity, and memorizing is work, but the truth is, we do what we want to do. And I want to be useful for God, so I must be thinking His thoughts, obeying His Word.”
After they had talked a while, Amy went back to the house.
“You are a most unusual man, Cody,” said the Captain. Then leaning over so the others couldn’t hear said, “And I believe Amy Dodge thinks the same thing. I will never forget you, nor will she. I will try to follow in my duties these things you have demonstrated.
Then he straightened up and announced, “Now my men and I will return to the fort. Let us know if you need any further help.”
“Thanks so much, Captain, you have been a tremendous help,” Cody replied. He rose and went to his horse. ———————
An hour later Cody rode up to John’s house, dismounted and tied his horse to the rail.
Sam came to the door. “Hello!” he shouted, “Come in and tell us what happened!” As always, he was excited to see Cody again.
Cody went in and took a seat at the table. Amanda brought him a cup of hot coffee and Cody related what had taken place.
When he finished, he paused and turned to Sam.
“I want you to remember, Sam, that God’s word is more powerful than a gun or knife. Sometimes we have to defend ourselves from those who are violent but remember what you’ve seen of God’s Heavenly Wisdom at work here and apply it to your own life. You’ll have a lot less conflicts if you live by it.
Picture: Cody talking with Sam; from the internet
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