[Every day I must appeal to you, Lord Jesus, to rescue me from my powerful enemies, from my foes who are too strong for me. Thank you that, instead shaming us,
you offer us honor
–the honor of being your children,
of belonging to your Kingdom,
of joining you in your work,
of keeping on the armor
of standing against the enemy,
and of living with and for you.]
“for I take refuge in you.”
[This is my part, I must flee to you, my High Tower, my Rock of Salvation, instead of trusting in myself.
I do this by recognizing my weakness and need, and offering praise and thanksgiving for whatever comes, asking for your help and obeying what I know to be true.
You only, Lord God, are my mighty Shield, my high Fortress, my powerful Defender, standing firm against the attacks of the enemy.
You are my Redeemer,
my great Rock in whom I take refuge,
my Protector,
the Provider of my salvation
and my Stronghold.
I call to you, O Lord, who are worthy to be praised and so I am saved from my enemies! (Ps. 18:16-19).]
Psalm 25:21 “May integrity and uprightness protect me,”
Help me to live in your integrity (doing what I say I believe) and in your uprightness (obeying what you say is right) so I can give you honor and glory in all.
“because my hope is in you.”
Praise you that I can do what is difficult and unnatural (like offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving in the midst of trouble), because my hope is in you alone Lord Jesus. Every day In you there is the certainty of help, guidance, and protection!
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