You, O Triune One, are the God of undying, unending kindness, of supremely positive provision, of ever-flowing grace and goodness.

And, in spite of what we are in our nature, you constantly give good to us, because it is your nature do so: you are Love, you are Light, you are Life. And you will go on doing good to your creatures no matter how they respond.

I praise you for your graciousness, for your righteousness, for your holiness, for your loveliness. I praise you that you have –caused your face to shine upon us;
–that in your great love, you have equipped us for life and godliness;
–that you protect us from true evil;
–that you call us to partnership with you in the great plans you have for the conclusion of the world, for the sweeping of many into your Kingdom, and for the ending of evil in the universe.

You are completely worthy of all worship, you are supremely worthy of honor and praise, you are richly worthy of all exaltation and obedience.

So I bow now before you this morning, Lord; help me to rise up to give you glory and honor and praise by
–walking in the light of your Word,
–living an obedient life worthy of you,
–doing what I know pleases you,
–offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving.

I praise you now for your provision to do this.

May be an image of body of water, nature, sky and tree