Psalm 12:7 “O LORD, you will keep us safe and protect us from such people [oppressors and liars] forever.”

[Praise you for this certainty, Lord, both now and in eternity. And a major means of protecting us is your Word as you warn us, guide us and set us free of our natural worldview. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

For a time, we may have to suffer the negative effects of liars (those who deny you, your Word and your values) who appear to win. But their seeming successes cannot affect the core of our stability–our relationship with you, nurtured through your Word.

You, Lord God, are our peace and joy, our hope and rest which will last forever, for they are bound up in you and your eternal and unchanging character, revealed to us through your Word.

Your Word tells us that all we own, all that we value here on earth is expendable and temporary. Knowing this we can let it all go, releasing it all to you. Then we can hold on to what is eternal–which is primarily our relationship with you, nurtured by your Word, from whence flows all goodness. Then, with your given grace and strength, we can rise above all the difficulties, problems and losses of this world, remembering that you, Lord, are all that really counts.]

To you be glory this day, Lord, in all I have to do and say. May I spot and reject lying and selfishness in myself as well as in others and conform instead to your pure and positive Word.

May you, the Holy and Eternal One, our Great God and Glorious King, be lifted up and exalted before the world today in my thoughts, motives, words, actions and attitudes. Amen.

May be an image of flower and nature