The Gift of God’s Faithfulness 2

Psalm 13:6 “I will sing to the LORD, for he has been good to me.”

[David here still did not have an answer, he was still in danger, but this is a declaration of his trust in God to answer and save–based on his past experience of God’s help.

We also can sing now in praise and thanksgiving to you, Lord, before you act in our troubles, knowing that you will come and work things out, to rescue and save, to empower and carry us through–just as you have helped us in the past, always acting out of your pristine character and your powerful faithfulness to your Word.

It is in this certainty that, while still in trouble, we can sing in praise for the help you will bring. Help us to persistently praise you in every difficulty, Lord God, before we see any answers, resting and reveling in your full faithfulness. May you thereby be glorified before the people and the spiritual powers around us today.


May be an image of tree, body of water and nature