Psalm 16:6

Psalm 16:6

Psalm 16:6 “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;”

[Where you have placed us, Lord, is more than pleasant: we are within the Kingdom of Light, under the Lordship of the Great Shepherd, within the Family of God, on the right way to Heaven, in the company of the saints, equipped and assigned to a specific area of service to you, my beloved King.

As it says in Psalm 23, in this pleasant place you make us lie down in green pastures, places where we can feed, grow and be satisfied. You lead us beside still waters where we can safely drink deeply of your Word. In this pleasant place you bring restoration to our souls, moving us forward to the upcoming perfect place you are preparing for us.

You lead us in paths of righteousness, leading us around the pitfalls and problems Satan has for us. And sometimes you lead us through the valley of the shadow of death–not just into it, through it and out the other side. You lead us through loss, failure, death of a vision, danger, distress and suffering and out of them.

You are constantly with us, using your rod to hold of the enemy and your staff to guide us on when we can’t see the way. Even though there are enemies around us we can sit at your table and feast with you, for you hold the enemies of truth back.

So you pour goodness and provision richly into our lives, giving us more than we need so we can share it with others. You are constantly involved in our lives, causing your goodness and mercy to work in every situation. And finally in the end you will lead us out of the world of death in the land of life and light, an even more than pleasant place.

This Truth is a wonder, a joy, a pleasure, an ever- increasing realization of the undeserved, unearned privilege of walking on the pathway of the Creator of all, the Ruler of all, the Restorer of all. In my opinion, “pleasant” is far too mild a word for this state of ever-growing joy!]

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