Good Grace

Good Grace

Psalm 146:8b “the LORD lifts up those who are bowed down,”

[You, Lord, in your tender love, reach out to all those who are depressed, discouraged and disheartened by the burdens by life as Satan, along with sin and its consequences, beat them up, beat them down, bring them low.

But you, Lord Jesus, offer them hope, grace, love, forgiveness, encouragement, guidance, strength, and protection. You offer–but they have to accept. Sadly, many continue to choose being bowed down because they refuse to bow before you, preferring bondage to your marvelous message of mercy and love.]

“the LORD loves the righteous.”

[You love the world and all in it (John 3:16). And you especially love the righteous, those who have accepted your offer of pardon, who then receive the righteousness of Christ, imputed through your mercy and grace.

You delight in your children–stubborn and rebellious as we often are. You see us standing in Christ, sinless, forgiven, pure and complete. Your vision of what we are going to be is what fills your thoughts; your great love for us never ceases as you move us towards maturity in Christ.

So, in the midst of the turmoil of life, in you we can rest, because of your rich, ever-flowing love. And out of that love we can serve you and others, needing nothing in the line of recognition or acclaim, for what we have in your love is enough.

May we delight your heart today, Lord Jesus, in faith, obedience and praise, shining the light of your love to all those around us who are frozen in the grip of sin.]

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