Psalm 31:5 “Into your hands I commit my spirit;”

[These were the words of David in difficulty, and the words of Christ on the cross; they should also be the daily words of every one of us believers.

As we commit our spirit to you, Lord Jesus, we are surrendering our life, our future to you, giving you permission to lead us through whatever you deem best and at the right time to take us out of this world. We can trust you and thank you now for what you will do.]

“redeem me, O LORD, the God of truth.”

[This is a great admission of our need to be purchased back out of the kingdom of darkness.

And, because you, Lord Jesus, are the God of truth, we can wholeheartedly run to you, the High and Holy One, the Mighty One who knows and sees all. You are pure and merciful, righteous and forgiving, just and redeeming.

We can trust you, for if you, the Most High, the Final Authority, the Great Judge have declared that all in Christ are forgiven, cleansed, holy and dearly loved, then we are redeemed indeed!]

So we proclaim “Into your hands I commit my spirit….”

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