Giving God  glory is the purpose for which we were created. So every time we find ourselves in situations where there is no solution, no discernible good, no visible positive point (as with the zoning board’s decision for me this week), we can choose to believe that God is good, at work and trustable–and we can demonstrate this trust by giving thanks in and for all things.

In doing so we are fulfilling the purpose for our existence (worshiping God) and doing something that will last for eternity. This privilege of giving thanks by faith is the first gift He has for us.

You, Lord, are the God who is more than we can imagine, more than what we could hope for, better than our dreams, beyond the understanding of our limited perspective. You are Great and Powerful, Glorious and Perfect, Gracious and Pure.

You are the fulfillment of the longing of our hearts and far more. Glory and praise belong to you alone! And we praise you for the privilege of giving you honor throughout each day by offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving. May we be consistent in doing that today.]

May be an image of lake