Our Rock

Our Rock

Psalm 18, one of my favorites, helps me to deal with the anxiety and fear that so often grip me –and all of us at times. It shows me the way to defeat fear and anxiety, which is using the sword of the Spirit.

Psalm 18:1-3 “I love you, O LORD, my strength.” [my weakness is both real and irrelevant, for His strength is everything.]

“The LORD” [the holy, sinless, completely other One, who rules with indisputable might]

“is my rock,” [my unshakable stability]

“my fortress” [my sure security]

“and my deliverer” [my ever-present protection];

“my God” [the powerfully creative and utterly faithful One who has claimed me as His own]

“is my rock” [He has made Himself the place of stability, safety and security for me, more strong and immovable than the Alaska mountain in this picture],

“in whom I take refuge” [this is my part, fleeing to Him in praise and persistence, thanksgiving and trust when difficulties, disappointment and seeming defeat come].

“He is my shield” [my personal, portable protection, coverinfg my head in every moment of the daily battle]

“for all who take refuge in him” (v 30) [Again, here is my part in the process: I must run to Him, think His Truth, trust Him—for He is the only place of safety and I must choose to stay in His Way.]

So, let’s daily take refuge in Him, offering thanksgiving in all things so He may show us the salvation of the Lord.

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