A Foretaste of Heaven

A Foretaste of Heaven

As I write this, I am enjoying a perfect, absolutely gorgeous day: pleasantly hazy and sunny, in the 70s with a slight breeze, giving the air a refreshingly cool touch.

Praise be to you, Lord, for such a foretaste of heaven and the new earth, where all will be perfect every day. There we won’t need the challenges of weather or the news to keep us occupied. Your presence and personality, filling all the universe, will be far more than enough to keep us fascinated and focused.

And there are hints that you will have lots of engaging work for us to do there for you. You are such a creative God: there will be no end to the new things you will bring out of your infinite mind and heart.

You, the One and Only True God, are perfect, immutable, lovely, wise, powerful, just, pure, kind, forgiving, gracious and good. You are worthy of our whole-hearted worship, of continual and complete follower-ship, of full obedience, absolute surrender and total trust.

You are far better than anything we could imagine, for in you there is no flaw—we have never experienced anything like that here on earth, where everything has weaknesses, problems, faults and lacks.

But in you there is no lack, no end of supply, no failure, no loss. You are all that is good; you are void of what is bad. I praise you that you cannot sin, you cannot lie, you cannot be tempted with evil, you can do no wrong–for these are the opposite of your beautiful nature.

You are unchangingly pure, consistently positive, absolutely powerful and unceasingly persistent in protection. Therefore, we can call you our Rock, our Fortress, our Defender, our Shield, our Strength, our Stronghold.

You are glorious beyond our knowledge, you are great beyond comprehension, you are good beyond understanding and you are gracious beyond measure.

In you is found all we desire, for we were made to live in you, with you, by you, for you. In you we are complete, with you we are protected, by you we are empowered, for you we can live and work, love and die. Help us to do that today, walking in the light of your lavish love.

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