A little different post today: 3 requests for prayer.

A little different post today: 3 requests for prayer.

First, I just came home from spending the day at the hospital with my little wife, Barbara. She has a serious urinary infection that led to sepsis, a life threatening condition. Last night when I dragged her to the emergency room (she does NOT like to go there!) her temperature was 91, which really concerned the doctor. she was also very dehydrated.

Those conditions led to weakness, unsteadiness and confusion. So they immediately began hydration and after blood tests, intravenous antibiotics.

Today was her first full day in the hospital and there hasn’t been much improvement. I would like to ask you to pray for a full and speedy recovery, back to at least her pre-infection state.

Second, continue to prayer for the first stage relief work for the Turks who suffered in the earthquakes earlier this month.

Two pieces of news struck me. Since the first quake occurred about 4 am, many people lept out of bed and ran from their homes into freezing weather without socks or shoes!

The city of Antioch had a population of 1.6 million, half the population of Connecticut. 95 percent of the buildings were destroyed. The loss of life in that one city must be huge, although many will never be found.

Pray for food, shelter, heat and medical care for these poor, destitute people. Also pray for help in processing their sorrow and grief at these tragic losses

Third, continue to pray for a just and positive end to the war in Ukraine. And for many to find spiritual awakening in their suffering and trauma.

The most we can do is pray, the Word says in James, “You have not because you ask not.” Thank you for praying

Picture: Barbara in better days.

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