Praise be to you, Lord, for how you are guiding and directing us in all.

I thank you for your goodness, which is seen all around us: the sun comes up each morning, we have air to breath, food to eat, a bed to sleep in and water to drink.

We have bodies that work—we can see, hear, walk, talk, eat and sleep—we have minds that still function, hands that work and feet to carry us forward.

You give grace for every event, guidance at every turn and security in your power and presence.

You give us friends, church fellowship, peace with others, and a relationship with you.

In you we have a future, a certain hope, meaning, purpose and joy.

We have a daily invitation to join you in your great work through prayer, through praise and through obeying what we know to be true, including denying self, taking up our cross daily and following you.

Praise be to you for your goodness, Lord. Help us to walk with thankfulness in the light of your presence and provision today.