The Beauty of our King

The Beauty of our King

Praise be to you, Lord, for your being gracious, kind, good, wise, powerful and persistent. Your heart is one of pure motives, positive desires and great goodness. In you is rejection of all wrong, judgment of all evil, repudiation of all that is harmful, destructive and negative.

In you there is no evil, no iniquity, no sin. You are Light that overcomes the darkness; you are Life that overcomes death; you are Love that overcomes hatred; you are Truth that banishes lies; you are the Way that ends confusion and lostness.

You are the perfect One: perfect in power, in potential, in persistence and provision. In you there is no error, no ignorance, no confusion, no failure.

You are the Victor, the Conqueror, the Champion, the Overcomer, our King. And you have shared with us the end of the story so we can live in the light of the outcome, knowing that you will triumph over all falsehood, destruction, darkness and death. You will lock up evil and rule in holiness and happiness.

You will usher in a reign of righteousness and joy, of goodness and grace, of purity and power. You, Lord God–Father, Son and Holy Spirit–are worthy of worship, deserving of praise, entitled to obedience. To you be honor, glory and exaltation in my life today. Amen.