Blessed is the Man

Blessed is the Man

Psalm 146:6 “Blessed is the man whose hope is the maker of heaven”

[You made both the throne room of Heaven where you dwell, and the great expanses of space where all the starry hosts dwell: zillions of stars (and you know the name of every one!) placed in trillions of galaxies, spread across billions of light years of space]

“and [maker of] earth, the sea and all that is in them”

[You spoke the earth into existence with its mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, the seas with all their great expanse.

And you created the astounding myriad of plants and animals, ranging from the single-celled, up through insects, cats and dogs, to elephants, walrus and whales–plus the unseen spiritual creatures around us.]

You, Lord God, are amazing and awesome: powerful and creative, wise and all-knowing, all-seeing and all-present–the Creator, the Victor, our Savior and King.

From you alone comes real, sure, enduring hope, giving us the great certainty of having salvation from sin, a surplus of significance and security, and the assurance of a sinless eternity with you.

We can know that all which comes to us in this life will be for your glory, our good and the outworking of your triumph over evil.

To you be glory, honor and praise forever: may you be lifted up, esteemed and exalted today, in my life, in my motives, in my thoughts, words and actions.]


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