Blessings Galore

Blessings Galore

I praise you, Lord God, for your care and protection, your guidance and grace. I thank you for your goodness evidenced in your daily provision—it’s good to list these out periodically, as I so easily can take these for granted.

I have a bed to sleep in, a home to live in, food in abundance, income, warmth, water, clean air and physical strength. I can see, hear, walk, talk, feel, taste and grasp. You have given me good relationships, protection, work, meaning, hope, purpose, a certain future and love.

I praise you for your Word–your prophetic, powerful, pro-active, penetrating, pro-creative Word–bringing revelation, repentance, rejuvenation, rebirth and release from Satan, sin and self.

I praise you, Lord Jesus that in you I am complete: you are enough, you are the total sum of my needs, wants and longings.  I was made to be one with you, to fit into the perfect relationship where you empower, employ, empathize and eternalize all who come to you.

You, Lord, are my wonderful and wise Shepherd, watching over us, causing us to lie down in green pastures and know when to move us on. There is nothing I lack, even from a human perspective, and certainly nothing from a heavenly perception.

You, Lord God, are the great and gracious provider. I thank you for all that you have given and will give, for you are faithful and wise and good.

To you be glory in my life today, help me to do what is best, what is wise, what is glorifying to you. Help me to rest in you, to rejoice in you, to resist the devil with you, to rise up in praise at each challenge.  I praise you now for how you will lead me in doing these things. Praise and glory be to you all through this day.

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