Certain Future

Certain Future

Psalm 21:5 “Through the victories you gave, his glory is great;”

[David was given many victories, beginning with Goliath and spanning his whole reign.

Jesus, in His incarnation was strengthened by God’s power and had one long string of victories: no sin, no failure, no defeats, only obedience and triumph in every temptation. Even the greatest possible defeat, death, led to the greatest possible victory—the resurrection destroying the power of death, the devil and destruction.

The great glory Jesus earned in His many victories He passes on to us, giving us the possibility of being victors, too, calling us to be more than conquerors with Him in His power (Rom. 8:37). He also wants to share His glory with us, as we triumph with Him through our faith (1 Pet 1:7).]

“you have bestowed on him splendor and majesty.”

[David ruled in the golden age of Israel and now Jesus reigns in the powerful church age from His throne on high as the mighty and majestic Ruler of creation and all beyond. You, Heavenly Father, have raised Him up above all principalities and powers, above all might and majesty, above all names and titles. You have seated Him, the eternal Victor, at your right hand to reign forever and ever.

Evil can now be eliminated and a new and sinless start can be had, and then through our physical death, we will go into the new Heaven and Earth. There the splendor and supremacy of Jesus will be endlessly on display and we will be forever with Him in His wonderful, wide and wise eternal love.]

Praise be to you, Heavenly Father, for revealing these things by the pen of David, by the triumph of Christ and by bringing us into your bountiful and beautiful Kingdom. Help us to live daily in this unseen reality, rejoicing in you, in your love for us and in the certainly of what you will bring.


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