Christmas Exit

Christmas Exit

“Here, my Lord,” said the angel, “I will hold all these things for you while you’re gone.” He named each thing as he put it into the big hall closet, “Your royal robe of divinity, your bag of infinite power, your cap of omniscience, your shoes of omnipresence, your shirt of splendor, your staff of omnipotence as ruler of the all creation and your badge of decision-making. Anything else, Lord Jesus?”

Jesus smiled, “No Gabriel, I think I’m ready.”

“One more question,” Gabriel said. “You who breathed the stars and know the name of every one, will you have that knowledge with you on the earth?”

“No, I must limit myself for this mission. But the stars will be waiting when I come back!” Jesus replied, smiling.

Gabriel looked sad, “I can’t understand why you have to do this, Lord, going to this twisted earth as a little, weak, vulnerable baby, submitting yourself to scandal-ridden, inexperienced parents. And living in that filthy, dirty, broken world.”

Again, Jesus smiled. “Yes, and there are lice and fleas, disease, and demons, to say nothing of sweaty unwashed bodies. However it is actually because of this brokeness  that I will go, obeying the Father’s plan.

“I know it is hard for you to grasp, but in time you will understand. The great love of my Father for those wretched, unhappy rebels leads me to go. He planned this whole solution and it is perfect. When I return I’ll explain it all to you.”

“We will be watching your work, Sire.”

“Good, you will see that by going I will bring honor to my Father, deliverance to my people and joy to myself in the end.

“Don’t forget my instructions: first a visit to Mary, then to Joseph. And then after I am born, a visit to the shepherds. Ah, also check on that star leading the wise men, those followers from afar; make sure they arrive at the right time.”

The angel nodded.

“And, don’t forget to warn Joseph about fleeing to Egypt at the right time.”

Gabriel bowed low, “Your wish is my command, Lord. May you have great success on your mission.”

And suddenly Jesus was gone.