EASTER! Praise be to you, Lord God, Lord Jesus, for your willingness to go through all your suffering so that the Resurrection could occur!

You were willing to go through the valley of the shadow of despair and defeat, to break through death into life, bringing light, love and life to us when we were living in the oppression of the dominion of darkness.

Now that you are resurrected, you can rescue us and bring us into the Kingdom of Light where we have forgiveness of our sins according to the power of your shed blood!

What a wonderful, unbelievable ending to the story of sin and shame, brokenness and fear, degradation and debauchery, evil and hatred, oppression and despair.

In you we have the opposite of all these things: forgiveness and honor, wholeness and safety, exaltation and cleansing, goodness and love, freedom and hope.

To you, Lord Jesus, the Resurrected One, the Shining Shepherd, the Majestic Monarch, to you belongs all worship, all submission, all rejoicing, all honor. Praise be to you today as we remember again the wonder of your resurrected life and restored glory.