Faithful to Fear God

Faithful to Fear God

“The angel of the Lord encamps round about those who fear him and delivers them.” Ps 34:7

You, Lord God, our Triune King, are worthy of fear, for you are awesomely powerful, faithfully holy, persistently just, righteously angry, immensely merciful, eternally right.  To bow before you is good, wise and right; to resist you is utter foolishness, for “no wisdom, no insight, no plan can succeed against the Lord.”

“Splendor and majesty are before you, strength and glory are in your sanctuary.” You are clothed in light, brilliantly shining in your holiness, unapproachable in purity, spreading glory all around you.  You are marvelous in your being: majestic in your might, glorious in your beauty, astounding in your graces, awesome in your wisdom, almighty in your power.  You move with dignity and grace, majestically doing simultaneously the next hundred million things in your plan.

You are glorious, you are strong, you are full of wonders, you are powerful.  We ascribe to you glory and strength, we proclaim your greatness to the nations, we lift up and magnify your marvelous name.  You are supreme, you are superb, You are wonderful.  We come before you with an offering of worship, placing ourselves and all you have given us on the altar of praise, for you are worthy of all honor.

We tremble before you, the Holy God, the great I AM, the righteous Judge, the faithful Father. You are worthy of obedience; we bow before you this day in surrender, we rise up to walk in obedience in the light of your presence. Use us today to bring glory to your name.