Final Authority

Final Authority


Psalm 31:14  “I say, ‘You are my God.’”

David here affirms that the Lord is his God, his final authority. This is looking away from the seen to the unseen. It is a declaration that Jesus is David’s final authority and David is going to trust Him and obey Him, not his feelings; he chooses spiritual facts over fear. David is submitting his intellect and perceptions to the higher authority of Scripture.]

And this is what you call us to do, too, Lord God. When we are in the fire, this is the response of faith, “But, I trust in you, O LORD!”

What a privilege to be able to think and act in faith in the face of fears. Thereby we can bring you great honor, demonstrating to all around us the power of your grace, the wisdom of your way and the support of your Spirit.

Help us to be honest before you about how we feel, lifting our souls to you, God, while always ending with “But, I put my trust in you, Lord!”

May be an image of fire and hearth