More on Psalm 18:30b “the word of the LORD is flawless.”

Sadly, many twist your Word for selfish reasons, cutting it out of context, taking a superficial, separate understanding, even blatantly denying what it clearly says and using it for their own ends, rather than your purposes.

Give us wisdom to discern these perversions of your Word when confronted with them–or are tempted to use them ourselves–and to replace them instead with your clear and clean and complete Truth.

Help us to ever come to your Word to see what you say (exegesis) instead of coming with our preconceptions, looking for some verses to support our position (eisegesis). Seeking your Truth will then lead us away from the very human tendency of asking you to join us in our plans, instead asking you to help us in joining you in your plans.

Protect us from the traps of the enemy and keep us on the pure path, in your perfect provision as revealed in your wonderful Word. Help us to be consistent in reading, memorizing, meditating, believing and living it out every day.

May be an image of stone-fruit tree