Following by Faith

Following by Faith

Preaching the gospel to myself.

Today, Lord, as I awoke I felt far from you. Thank you for this opportunity to walk by faith, to be reminded that all depends on your unchanging character, not my senses. Although all around me seems barren and brown, the Son of your love is continually shining into my life. Praise you, Lord, for your great and gracious presence, whether I sense it or not, whether I feel close to you or not, for in your faithfulness you have promised to never leave or forsake me.

Your plan, your power, your purpose, your persistence are the basis of our salvation, not our feelings or will, actions or obedience. I praise you that you have provided all we need for life and godliness and our part is simply to respond in belief.
To you belongs the glory of having prepared all through the sacrifice of Christ; to us belongs the privilege of faith and repentance. To you belongs all honor, glory and worship, for you are the pure, perfect, positive and powerful One who has done all necessary to redeem us; to us belongs the privilege of being invited into your work.
I am so thankful, Father, that against all logic and law, you have chosen and transformed me. I was a seditious slave to sin, a fool fully controlled by my own folly, a criminal correctly condemned to an eternity without any good. I was a captive of Satan’s kingdom, a victim of my own evil, without goodness, without power, without hope.
But, in spite of what I am naturally, you called me to yourself, along with all the other sinners in this world. You made it possible for me to believe, you forgave me, transforming me into a new creature, with a new heart after yours, with the beginning of being like Christ. You placed your Holy Spirit within me, you gave me sonship among your children, citizenship in your Kingdom, and fellowship in your family.
You saved me because you mysteriously delighted in me and I now stand before you dearly loved, deeply cared for, doted on and delighted in—what a wonder! And all because of your great and gracious heart of love, your wisdom, grace and goodness. I do not deserve this, but I am deeply thankful that you have given me such marvelous and mighty grace.
May you be exalted throughout eternity for your illogical, counter-conditional, outrageous love! May I bring you honor today as I live in the light of your presence, whether I feel it or not, forgiving myself, accepting myself, loving myself as you do! And by faith joining you in what you are doing.
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