Freedom from guilt to obey

Freedom from guilt to obey

The second question the author of Search for Significance asked was:: “Are you a ‘have to’ person or a ‘want to’ person?” If I can grasp my significance in Christ and rest in that, then I will “want to” do those things which are pleasing to Him, not “have to” do them in a legalistic, self-saving way.

This is part of the freedom of the abundant life Christ is calling us to: knowing who we are and, as a result, acting in obedience to Him for the right motives rather than just to make ourselves feel good. There are several very important consequences that flow from this.

First, instead of being pushed by the inner drive for gaining significance through getting this or that done, we can listen more quietly to what the Lord wants us to do.
Second, we can be more willing to do the unpleasant but necessary things that do not bring us any sense of significance.

Third, since we do less, (having eliminated the unnecessary, “have to” things) there is more time to do well the things God has for us.

Fourth, flexibility, grace and kindness can replace the harried, nervous, pressured attitude of the “have to” Christian.

These things I am learning. It reminds me that my walk with Christ is one long and wonderful process of growth, deepening and transformation. And we can constantly praise God for His wonderful, unending patience with us in it.

Prayer: “Lord, help me to regularly check my motives before you so I can deepen my rest in the significance you have given. Help me to be a “want to” believer, not a “have to” one. May I love you through obeying your Truth. Amen.”

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